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Examples of good practice - Association for Regional Development of the upper Nitra
A project of our association named „Your house – your enterprise in E-urope“, aimed at the implementation of teleworking as a new form of work organization within our region has been presented among 20 selected projects from more than 650 demand-oriented projects from the programme period of years 2004 – 2006.
Opened Entrepreneurial and Innovation Centre in Báčsky Petrovec
On Sunday, 4 October 2009, the state secretary of the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development of the government of Serbian Republic, Mr. Dejan Jovanovič and the ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Serbia, Mr. J.E.Igor Furdík inaugurated the Entrepreneurial and Innovation Centre in Báčsky Petrovec, implemented by the Association for Regional Development of Upper Nitra.
The project: „I learn all my life" - Association for the Development of Upper Nitra region
The project „I learn all my life: the joy of learning through experience“ was presented at the seminar called „Older employees, migrants and women at the labour market“, organized by National Agency of the Lifelong learning programme on 26. of October 2009 in Bratislava. The project is the result of learning partnership cooperation within lifelong learning GRUNDTVIG programme.

Welcome to the webpage of the Association for Regional Development of Upper Nitra

Association for Regional Development of Upper Nitra (r. of 1994) and its executive section Regional Developing Agency (ZRRHN RRA) has got the statute of a Regional Information Centre (www.nsrr.sk/aktuality). Regional Development Agency (RRA) is a regional information centre that provides information for potential end receivers of assistance within the frame of operational programmes of the SR and in the cross-border cooperation of SR. Apart from this, the centre provides consulting services on the possibilities of utilization of structural funds of the EU and other sources of finances as is the state budget or a specific grant, VÚC (higher territorial unit), municipality, physical entity, legal entity, loans and contributions from international organizations, grants following from the international agreements between SR and other states and supplementary sources of the EU for the support of the regional development. Project activity belongs to the most important activities dealt with by the Regional Developing Agency. We can help in all phases of the project cycle. This cycle is a method by which the projects are prepared and implemented. Quality preparation and project management predetermines the final result and impact of the project. We are simultaneously a tool of the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic (www.mindop.sk) for the support of development of regions falling behind.
Regional Developing Agency plays the important role in the scope of establishing partnerships on a local and regional level. Our organization is a member of the Integrated network of regional developing agencies of the SR (www.isrra.sk) and the member of the CONSENZIO NETWORK (www.theculturenet.org) aimed at the preparation and implementation of international projects.

Regional development agency provides the following tasks within the scope of its projects:

1. consulting services and preparation of projects and/or applications for a non-repayable 
2. preparation and elaboration of project schemes,
3. implementation of projects, 
4. partner participation on project implementation, 
5. monitoring and assessment of projects,
6. creation of analyses and databases.



Regional Development Agency
Hviezdoslavova 3
Agency Director: Ing. Jozef Takács
Opening hours:
mon – fri 7.30 hod do 15.30 hod
046 542 56 96
046 542 77 85
Mobil: 0911 522 004
Compiled: Anton Šuňal – Jozef Takács